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General Election: Here we go...again!

It seems no time at all since we were going through the same motions. 2016 was the Brexit Referendum and 2015 was of course the last General Election. No wonder the press cynically report that ‘Brenda’ of Bristol is fed up!

Speaking as someone who spends much of his life in the ‘public domain’ (writing pieces like this, for example), I hugely respect people who engage in politics. I have some appreciation of the great cost to them in terms of time, trouble, expense and often much criticism. We may not have time for politics but we should be so grateful for those who do. They are members of our community just as much as we are, with their strengths and weaknesses just like we have. And, as they say, if you think you can do better, why not put yourself forward?

We can have an unhealthy attitude to ‘public life’ in several respects. We say that we can do what we like privately: think, speak, act so long as ‘it doesn’t hurt anyone’. Publicly is different. In polite company, we don’t talk about religion, politics, death (and maybe you could add others to the list. Used to include sex, but times seem to have changed on that one!): these are ‘private’ matters. Why?

Since at least the 18th Century, we have been told to be wary of Enthusiasm (John Wesley, the founder of Methodist, was famously accused of being too enthusiastic about religion!). ‘Foreigners’, not the British, get enthusiastic, usually in ‘bad ways’! Being enthusiastic is OK if it’s about cricket or the weather: that sort of thing.

Well, you can guess where this is going. I confess. I am an enthusiast. I wouldn’t do what I do otherwise. I am also passionate to see people, including Christians, getting involved in political life. The party allegiance is much less important than the involvement.

I also want to see broken down the artificial wall which we have built between so-called ‘private’ and ‘public’ spheres of life. The wall is real, but the distinction is both illusory and false. Finally, I want to encourage you to pray for our politicians, for this election, for our country. Even if we don’t care, God cares.

Clive Evans.


Spring Harvest 2018

If you are interested in going to Spring Harvest next year I will be making a booking as soon as the booking lines open on 21st June.  The week we are thinking of going is week 2 at Minehead.  This is for 4 nights.  We usually go in silver self catering but you can go in any accommodation that you wish.  The cost for silver self catering is £195 per person so long as there is full occupancy in the chalet.  There will shortly be leaflets available at the back of church for you to have a look at and which give you more information or look at www.springharvest.org .  Margaret Hodgson 01885 482552

Sorry, couldn’t resist!(Ed.)